Lemon Tree Flower

Award winning cannabis flower, The Lemon Tree is grown in the Santa Cruz Mountains with all natural inputs to deliver a superior product. This hybrid has a rich citrus flavor with a clean, euphoric, and calming high. 


Lemon Tree Preroll Pack

Full nugg preroll with the award winning Lemon Tree cannabis. This pack comes with 1/8th of flower rolled into five single joints individually sealed to lock in freshness. Ground for consistency, these joints burn clean and have a full flavor. 


Big Lemon 500ml vape pen

The Big Lemon pen is our award winning vaporizer cart. It has high quality concentrate that delivers a great high and a rich flavor. 


lemon tree 500ml single source vape cartridge

The Lemon Tree single source vaporizer cartridge is all direct derived from our Lemon Tree flower. This gives it a concentrated version of our complex terpene complex for a full lemon experience. 


Lemon Penny 250ml disposable

The Lemon Penny Lemon Tree disposable cart is great for the consumer on the go. It delivers a 1:1 CBD to THC formulation that is great for relaxation and a euphoric feeling. 


Lemon Tree Live Resin

Lemon Tree Live Resin is made form whole plant fresh frozen nugs of our Lemon Tree Cannabis producing THCa crystals and high terpene content.

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